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Project Amount Range No of Projectssort descending Project Amount Amount Paid Variation Maximum Amount Paid Minimum Amount Paid
1 N197,600 N197,600 N0 N197,600 N197,600
1 N994,350 N994,350 N0 N994,350 N994,350
1 N2,751,000 N2,751,000 N0 N2,751,000 N2,751,000
1 N3,925,000 N3,925,000 N0 N3,925,000 N3,925,000
1 N2,214,000 N2,214,000 N0 N2,214,000 N2,214,000
1 N11,001,375 N11,001,375 N0 N11,001,375 N11,001,375
1 N320,000 N320,000 N0 N320,000 N320,000
1 N17,810,500 N17,810,500 N0 N17,810,500 N17,810,500
1 N42,762,746.25 N54,500,000 N11,737,253.75 N54,500,000 N54,500,000
1 N86,470,976 N86,470,976 N0 N86,470,976 N86,470,976
1 N4,255,650 N4,255,650 N0 N4,255,650 N4,255,650
1 N3,050,124 N3,050,124 N0 N3,050,124 N3,050,124
1 N30,233,357.48000000044703 N40,433,357.47999999672174 N10,200,000 N40,433,357.47999999672174 N40,433,357.47999999672174
1 N150,000 N150,000 N0 N150,000 N150,000
1 N600,000 N600,000 N0 N600,000 N600,000
1 N6,386,023.29999999981374 N6,386,023.29999999981374 N0 N6,386,023.29999999981374 N6,386,023.29999999981374
1 N239,509,757.090000003576279 N239,509,757.090000003576279 N0 N239,509,757.090000003576279 N239,509,757.090000003576279
1 N1,200,000 N1,200,000 N0 N1,200,000 N1,200,000
1 N4,015,000 N4,015,000 N0 N4,015,000 N4,015,000
1 N2,300,000 N2,300,000 N0 N2,300,000 N2,300,000
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