eduPortal Application

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School Portal Design could range from being a basic website for the institution to more sophisticated implementations.
A basic package has the following features:
1. Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration
2. Front End Design and Development
3. Department Blog / Article Management System
4. FAQ Section (Frequently Asked Questions)
5. Online Community (Discussion Board, User profile)
6. Interactive School Calendar
7. Robust Notification System (for updates and notices)
8. Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter and Google +)
9. Picture Gallery
10. Multimedia Integration (Video and Audio)
11. Email Logins and Auto-responders
12. Online News & Events Management System
13. Member Registration & Log-in(with multi-level access system)
14. Online Contact and Enquiry Form

We also have a Students' Information System (SIS) implemented for a number of clients.
The system has the following features:
− Student/Teacher Administration
- Grades Management
− Online Communities
− Class Listing
− Games
− Quiz Engine
− School Library Catalog
− E-Learning Management System

Some of our clients include:
- Epitome Model Islamic Schools (Primary & Secondary, Nasarawwa) -
- Qiblah Schools, Ibadan -