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The Dawahnigeria project is a huge initiative crafted to address the present and future needs of Nigerian Muslims. The goal, as a body, is to expand the frontiers of IT in the propagation of Islam.
Below are the projects we have executed:

- Dawahcast(R): Provision of lecture in audio format of more than 20 resource persons in 4 languages (English, Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba)
- Dawahnigeria Articles: Provision of quality articles from various sources. The well tagged articles cover almost 70 topic areas relevant to both Muslims and non-Muslims.
- Dawahnigeria News Service (DNS): An innovative news portal that aggregates news from tens of news sources all over the world. The news items are creatively grouped and displayed either as text or an overlay over a map. Users can also search, print news and subscribe to feeds.
- Dawahnigeria Showcase: Pinterest-like display of Islamic art, calligraphy, mosques and other beneficial images by NIGERIAN designers. Aims to be a central point for Nigerian designers who signup and upload their works.
- Dawahnigeria Marketplace: An online store to sell dawah works of various resource persons, magazine subscriptions etc. It is primarily for assisting and encouraging resource persons to publish and profit from their quality works.
Please visit for more information about the various projects that have been executed.